Celebrating the Environment Section's 100th Anniversary: Who are our heroes?

Dear Colleagues,
In observance of the 100th anniversary of APHA’s Environment Section in 2011, we invite you to submit the names of the heroes, champions, pioneers, visionaries and trailblazers in environmental health who are part of our history as well as our current and future APHA Environment Section leaders and luminaries. 

The people you name can be scientists or teachers or writers or researchers or policy makers or "Unsung Heroes." 

This is not a contest. The goal is to be comprehensive and inclusive.

Along with the NAME or NAMES please provide identifying information about the person, their contribution and accomplishments, tags (see paragraph below) and your own personal note about why that person was an inspiration or a hero to you.  


Also, please suggest 'tags' for each submission such as "environmental section member", his or her area of work, expertise or accomplishment (such as air, water, food, pollution, occupational health, toxic substances, pesticides, sanitation, FDA, EPA, NIEHS, epidemiology, diseases and agricultural outbreaks, built environment, etc., etc.)

For examples of profiles on a website and newsletter see:
·       What is our legacy?  Who are the visionaries and significant pioneers, trail blazers, ground breakers, champions in environmental health and what are the milestones of environmental health?  (Suggest names from the beginning of the Environmental Section, throughout APHA, and "outside" public health and public interest partners.)
·       Who are the leaders today?  (Note: Recognizing leaders within the Environmental Health section and APHA and also in 'other' organizations and agencies would be a good way to link to some of the sister/brother orgs in the environmental galaxy...What are the challenges people are working on today in environmental health science and environmental health policy?) 
·       Who are today's luminaries? Who are the individuals in the environmental "movement" within our Environmental Section but also other organizations (local, global) that are carrying the torch forward? 
We look forward to hearing from you.  (If you have a timeline of environmental health milestones and highlights or know of one please send us the link.)

Send questions, comments and names to