Don't Spray 'Em. Outsmart 'Em. 
Question to Green Newton: ​Can anyone recommend a natural product, or a company that uses natural products, that is effective in treating our yard for mosquitoes? I could not enjoy the summer evenings last year due to getting bitten like crazy!!! Thanks.
Worried about mosquitoes? Many people mistakenly assume that mosquito control is all about pesticides. Not so. Just say KNOW! American Mosquito Control Association, 1999.

Dear Neighbor,

Using pesticides -- even "natural" products -- can create a false sense of security and do little to stop mosquito bites while poisoning your family, neighbors, pets, birds and beneficial insects.

We can make smarter safer choices by learning about the varieties of insects in our area, the type of habitats they prefer, and the seasons and time of day they are most active.

As the climate changes, we can evaluate, re-design and manage our homes, yards and public areas for the new conditions such as ensuring appropriate drainage for torrential downpours to avoid standing water that become breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Most important, correct any breeding sites in and around the home. Adjust your activities to times and locations that avoid mosquitoes when they are most active. Avoid wearing scented products and other attractants.

If you feel like a mosquito magnet, consider using an insect repellent but choose and use it wisely. Read the most up-to-date research on repellent effectiveness, limitations and safe application for babies, kids, adults and pets.

Be wary of friends or websites that recommend folk remedies or homemade off-label uses of products from unscientific or informal sources. 

The effectiveness of any product or chemical depends on the product, your own biology and a host of factors that you don't know or control. 

An ineffective product can increase your risk of getting bitten and the risk of a serious illness. An oil or the herb might not be harmful although many plants are and can lead to allergic reactions.

When I want to enjoy my unscreened back porch and yard I set up a fan to blow the bugs away. 
“Mosquitoes are weak flyers and will not be able to navigate properly against or within the air stream” Joseph Conlon, American Mosquito Control Association. 
--  Ellie, April 28, 2016