Rachel Carson’s warnings about global warming

Rachel Carson was born in 1907 and she died in 1964.  She was one of the first scientists to alert the world to the importance of caring for the environment.  

Larry J. Schweiger, the author of Last Chance:  Preserving Life on Earth, wrote this on the 100th anniversary of Carson’s birth.  He wrote,
“Forever listening to birds and watching the movements of fish, Rachel discovered that they were shifting from their historic ranges all over the world and moving quite strikingly and consistently toward the poles. In her second and wildly successful book published in 1951 entitled, The Sea Around Us, Rachel wrote a chapter entitled: ‘The Global Thermostat’ detailing the many range shifts and glacial changes seen in nature in the preceding decades concluding with, ‘now in our own lifetime we are witnessing a startling alteration of climate…’Because Rachel was listening, she was able to faithfully record fish and bird migratory changes and melting glaciers and rightfully associated them with a warming climate.
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By Marion Herz. As chief of staff for EPA’s Office of Compliance, job #1 for me is protecting people’s health and their communities.