Massachusetts Legislators submit letter to United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

Tire crumb rubber and rubber mulch request for regulation and analysis submitted
December 16, 2015 -  Massachusetts delegates including Senator Karen Spilka, State Representatives Jeff Roy and John Fernandes have requested the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulate interior and exterior use of crumb rubber as a children's product due to exposure on playground and artificial turf fields.

Tire crumb rubber and rubber mulch is used in playgrounds and turf fields across the U.S. The usage began in the 90s as a way to dispose of used tires. Typically, the fields and playgrounds are sold to a city or state with promise of less maintenance and increased playtime,  yet the tire derived materials have never been evaluated by the CPSC for exposure risk to users.

The delegate's letter to the CPSC requests analysis to offer concrete conclusions and recommendations to ensure the safety of children and adults who use crumb rubber and turf fields. Specifically, the delegates requested the CPSC investigate:
  • Identifying potential hazards resulting from ingestion and inhalation of toxins released from crumb rubber during heat spikes and outgassing;
  • Detecting the existence of known human carcinogens;
  • Locating the presence of lead and other toxins;
  • Examining any danger presented by the natural aging and decomposition; and
  • investigating any potential risks to child or adult users.
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