Community Air Monitoring Training: Videos Now Available 

July 9, 2015, EPA’s Community Air Monitoring Training was held at the Agency’s Research Triangle Park campus (RTP). The purpose of the training workshop was to share tools used to conduct citizen science projects involving Next Generation Air Monitoring (NGAM) technology and to educate interested groups and individuals on best practices for successful air monitoring projects.

The videos from the morning presentations are now available on the Community Air Monitoring Training, and are part of the Air Sensor Toolbox for Citizen Scientists and intended to serve as resources for anyone interested in learning more about monitoring air quality. Please feel free to share the link with others: www2.epa.gov/air-research/community-air-monitoring-training. Also, check out the blog announcing the video release.

Direct links to the videos are available here: Air Quality Monitoring and Sensor Technologies by Ron Williams, project Lead for EPA’s Office of Research and Development emerging technology research area. How to Start a Citizen Science Program by Liz Barry, Co-founder and Director of Community Development at the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science. Citizen Science Study Design by Rachelle Duvall, Research Physical Scientist in EPA’s Office of Research and Development. Data Measurement, Management, Quality, Uncertainty by Bob Judge, Air Monitoring Team Leader in EPA’s Region 1 Office in Boston. Quality Assuranceby Ron Williams, Project Lead for EPA’s Office of Research and Development emerging technology research area. Short Term Measurements and Air Quality Messaging/ Regulatory Requirements for Data by Kristen Benedict, Atmospheric Scientist in EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards.


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