Heroes 2008

Healthy Schools Heroes Award 2008
Every year, to mark the anniversary of the March 18, 1937 Texas School Explosion, Healthy Kids salutes Healthy Schools Heroes who demonstrate extraordinary responsibility and inspirational leadership to protect children and teachers from chemical hazards in schools.

The Healthy Schools Heroes Award is an annual opportunity to remember the worst school disaster in American history as a case study and cautionary tale. It can inspire us to break the silence about school hazards and to prioritize the values and technical skills we need to live safely with 21st century chemicals and technology. It prompts us to take action to save lives in today's schools where explosives and other hazardous materials in labs, closets and storerooms are routinely ignored.

Healthy Kids Healthy Schools Heroes Award 2008

* Matthew Langenfeld, US EPA, Region 8, School Chemical Cleanout Coordinator
* Allyson Kelley, Rocky Mountain College American Indian Affairs, Project Director
* Brian Spangler, Montana Department of Environmental Quality
* Bonnie Rouse , Montana Department of Environmental Quality
* Bruce Hayes, Wyoming Department of Education

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Bring the Lessons of the 1937 Texas School Explosion to Your School. http://journal.rcn.net/sentinellions

Be a hero. Help make chemical safety part of your school's ongoing security audits and safety plan.

1) talk with parents, educators and community leaders about making safety part of school culture,

2) create a universal zero tolerance policy for explosives in schools,

3) promote a sense of shared responsibility and accountability for student, employee and visitor health and safety in all school areas and activities.

See: "Time to Heal," Glenn Cook, American School Board Journal, April 2008, volume 195, no. 04, pages 44-47.

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