Cancer Revisited: Our Evolving Thinking, And Where’s The Cure? by Rachel Zimmerman, Cancer -- and our evolving thinking about its nuances, complexity and how to treat it -- is in the news this week.

Where’s The Cure For Cancer? We examine the ongoing war on cancer, why we’re not closer to a cure already and where the promising research is now. http://onpoint.wbur.org/2013/08/01/redefining-cancer

Widespread Chemical Bisphenol A Linked To Flawed Eggs In Women, by Carey Goldberg, Researchers find that the ubiquitous chemical Bisphenol A may harm egg quality in women.

Collaborating for a Cure: Avon's Unifying Fight against Breast Cancer Marc Hurlbert joined Avon 10 years ago to help positively impact those affected by breast cancer. His mission: to unite non-profits.