Winter Newton 2015

snow 2 15 15.jpg
by Ellie Goldberg

Did your roof cave in?
Did your gutters droop or fall?
Did the melt come inside?
And drizzle down the wall?

Did your pipes freeze and flood?
Did your driveway heave and crack?
Did your heating system fail?
Did shoveling break your back?

Did the sidewalks fill with snow?
Did branches bend or break?
Did power lines go down?
Did potholes spoil your day?

Do you love this new normal?
The extremes of heat and cold?
Do you have a back up plan
or a better place to go?

Support divestment now
to stop burning fossil fuel.
Then invest in cleaner power
for safer water, air and food.

Let's choose the wisest way
to tax carbon, risk and waste.
Trust efficiency, wind and solar
to conserve the human race.

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