Sustainable Values Defined

Redefining Progress

At Redefining Progress, we believe that efforts to strengthen the economy must also promote a healthy environment and socially equitable society. Indeed, with the right incentives, indicators, and principles of justice, our research has shown that smart policies can further all three goals at the same time.

Now, as a new administration prepares to take on the challenges of economic turmoil and global warming, the work we do at Redefining Progress is more important than ever. Our country urgently needs a public policy platform that goes beyond the current short-term economic crisis and makes real progress towards a new and just approach to sustainability.

Redefining Progress is leading the way to this sustainable future. Our staff, partners and experts in sustainable economics , sustainability indicators , and environmental justice , and we provide sustainability research and tools to policy makers, students, and communities around the world.

But we need your support to continue our efforts. Your donation will support Redefining Progress' research and policy work in the capitol and around the country. In addition, your support will also fuel the grassroots climate justice work of the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative , of which Redefining Progress is both fiscal sponsor and a proud member.

Because we all face the challenges of economic uncertainty and climate change, it's important to remember what we have to be thankful for, as we enter the year-end holiday season. When you make a donation of $25 or more to Redefining Progress we want to say "thanks" by sending you this button as a token of our appreciation for your support.