Small globules of oil have begun washing up in the Bay of Plenty following the latest oil spill from the wreck of the Rena.
... Much debris has also washed up on Matakana Island, including a large quantity of small plastic beads that could be dangerous to wildlife.

Container recovery company Braemar Howells had acted quickly to secure the container of plastic beads, MNZ said.
It held 660 bags, containing nearly 17 tonnes of the 2-3mm translucent polymer beads used in the plastics industry.
The beads are used by the plastics industry and aren't biodegradable, but authorities insist they're unlikely to cause too much damage...

Another perspective on birds and plastic: Animal Planet Link
Chris Jordan's work attempts to place the impact of consumerism in perspective. For his latest project he traveled to the Midway Islands, near the heart of the Pacific Trash Gyre, to photograph the decomposed bodies of chicks that have been fed plastic litter by confused parents.