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Courageous Whistleblower Wants You To Know: The Keystone Pipeline is a Lemon  January 8, 2012

 ... As an inspector who was responsible for monitoring the pipeline’s construction, Klink has already witnessed more than a dozen spills at pumping stations that were covered up and not reported.
Why did Klink come forward knowing that telling the truth would cost him his job? After sharing what he had seen with his family, his own kids who love and believe in him, didn’t want their Dad to be part of a sinister corporate cover-up. Sounds like Mike passed along some important “family values” to his children...
Mike Klink: Keystone XL pipeline not safe
By Mike Klink | Posted: Saturday, December 31, 2011  
Read: http://journalstar.com/news/opinion/editorial/columnists/mike-klink-keystone-xl-pipeline-not-safe/article_4b713d36-42fc-5065-a370-f7b371cb1ece.html
...Despite its boosters' advertising, this project is not about jobs or energy security. It is about money. And whenever my former employer Bechtel, working on behalf of TransCanada, had to choose between safety and saving money, they chose to save money.
  ... After repeatedly telling the contractor and TransCanada about my concerns, I lost my job.

But I couldn't watch silently as a company put innocent people at risk with a haphazardly built pipeline. I am speaking out on behalf of my children and your children.

Oil spills are no joke. We need to do all we can to protect our water and our food. I am glad the Nebraska Legislature stepped up to protect Nebraskans. I can only hope that they stand up to TransCanada. We should all take a hard look at the damage that this pipeline will do. I should know; I've s een it in person.