EPA Rejects Ban on Dioxin-Tainted "Agent Orange" Herbicide

New 2,4-D-Resistant GMO Corn Will Increase Use 50 Times Over
It is well known that the toxic herbicide 2,4-D causes cancer, hormone disruption, genetic mutations, neurotoxicity, Parkinson's Disease, and birth defects. But, instead of relying on independent research on the dangers of 2,4-D, the EPA looked at contradictory evidence submitted by the herbicide's manufacturer, Dow Chemical. This bias caused the EPA to reject a ban on the dioxin-tainted Agent Orange herbicide. The EPA's failure to ban or limit the use of 2,4-D paves the way for the USDA to approve Dow Chemical's new genetically engineered 2,4-D resistant corn. If this Agent Orange corn is approved, it will increase the use of 2,4-D 50 times over. The manufacture and use of 2,4-D is the 7th largest source of dioxin pollution. Dioxin is the most toxic compound synthesized by man.
Dioxin pollution never goes away, and instead accumulates in the environment, in the meat, fish, eggs and dairy we eat, and, ultimately, in our bodies. Recent Environmental Working Group studies have found that nursing infants are exposed to a daily dose of dioxin that can be 15 to 17 times higher than the level EPA considers safe to protect the endocrine and immune systems.
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