SEAL SITTERS / Living on Earth April 20, 2012  On the shores of Alki Beach in western Seattle, Seal Sitters, a group of concerned neighbors, have come together to protect the urban beach’s seal pups.Alki Beach is a popular destination for Seattle natives, and it’s also home to some of the region’s seal population. Seal pups are left alone on shore while their mothers search the sea for food, and curious people and dogs endanger the young seals. But a group of concerned neighbors called Seal Sitters have banded together to protect the pups and educate people. Seal Sitter founder Brenda Peterson, author of the children’s book “Leopard and Silkie” and 11 year old volunteer Etienne, spoke with host Bruce Gellerman about their quest to save seal pups.


SEAL SITTERS / Living on Earth April 20, 2012 
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