Silent hives. Over the last few weeks, several new studies have come out linking neonicotinoids to bee decline. The studies are appearing just as “Silent Spring,” Rachel Carson’s seminal study of the effect of pesticides on wildlife, is about to turn fifty. It’s hard to avoid the sense that we have all been here before, and that lessons were incompletely learned the first time around. New Yorker  http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/comment/2012/04/new-studies-colony-collapse-disorder.html 
 "The world of systemic insecticides is a weird world, surpassing the imaginings of the brothers Grimm. It is a world where the enchanted forest of the fairy tales has become a poisonous forest. It is a world where a flea bites a dog and dies…where a bee may carry poisonous nectar back to its hive and presently produce poisonous honey."--Rachel Carson